RCC Drayage/Shipping Information

Below you will find directions and information for vendors shipping needed materials to our building. Also linked is our Drayage Handling Form.

Please note: Any parcel over 150 lbs. must be shipped through an external general service contractor or drayage company. 

Packages should be shipped with the following items on the delivery label:
Renasant Convention Center
ATTN: LeeAnn Shewbart
YOUR COMPANY NAME (as would appear on the booth)
255 N. Main St.
Memphis, TN 38103

Shipping FAQs

  • Packages shipped to the Renasant Convention Center (RCC) may arrive 3 business days before the first day of the event.
  • Packages will be received and delivered to assigned tables after the entire vendor space has been set up. Please note, the convention center is not responsible for any lost, misplaced or damaged freight.
  • Total shipments under 100 lbs. will have no fee. Any total shipments over 100 lbs. will be charged a drayage fee of $32.00 per 100 pounds. The drayage fee must be paid before shipments can be delivered to the booth. This fee can be paid in advance here.
  • The Drayage Handling Form linked here includes additional shipping information and package-related questions. 

For outbound packages, vendors are responsible for:

  • Repacking and sealing their boxes for shipment.
  • Completing the Outgoing Drayage Handling Form and placing with packages. Packages without this form will not be handled or shipped by the Renasant Convention Center.
  • Attaching the proper pick-up label.
  • Placing outbound packages on top of the vendor tables. (Do not leave any package under or behind your table/s.)
  • Scheduling a pick-up time with the shipping company. Please tell the shipping company that packages need to be picked up between 8AM and 4PM, Monday-Friday.