Sustainability at Memphis' Renasant Convention Center

Memphis' Renasant Convention Center has created a Green Team to encourage good stewardship and sustainability on-site. Check this overview of developing initiatives to see how we can work with you to host your next green meeting.

Energy Efficiency: The modernized Renasant Convention Center features all-new, energy-saving LED lighting. Additionally, new HVAC systems feature a sophisticated energy management program, allowing greater control of heating and cooling in the venue while maximizing efficiency.

Food Waste: Our Green Team is in discussion with Clean Memphis to explore sustainability-focused food waste disposal programs in cooperation with the Sheraton Hotel. 

Paper Use: We intend to make a concerted effort to work with clients on educating exhibitors to find alternative ways to share information that do not involve paper products.  

Recycling: Look for new recycling receptacles throughout the facility as we work toward our 7%-minimum waste diversion rate. We actively recycle glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, cardboard, plastic film, wood pallets, scrap wood, scrap metal, landscape waste, carpet padding, banners and CFL bulbs. In time, we will also invest in rolling recycling receptacles to enable exhibitors and decorators to recycle with ease. 

Strategic Planning and Direction: Our Green Team will meet with you to customize a plan and provide recommendations to help you achieve your sustainability program goals.

Water Usage: Low-water flush valves, lavatory aerators and other equipment designed to reduce water usage were built into our facility's modernization.